Promote your business with power of Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. While a proper web design with a quality effort on SEO and Search Engine Marketing can contribute to a successful online presence, the additional of Social Media Marketing (SMM) can provide even more opportunity for success.

Houston Alive has Social Media Marketing packages for most budgets that can be purchased in a menu style that allows for various levels of activity on a monthly basis. This can be valuable for certain times of year where seasonal exposure is more timely.

Houston Alive makes recommendations on promotions, give aways specials and other successful means of engagement, We also, look carefully at your business and recommend the best Social platform for your particular business and target audience.

For example a business such as a florist or vehicle wrap graphics company would benefit most from visual formats like Instagram and Pinterest. While a landscaping or home remodeler may benefit from a Facebook with a gallery of images.


(1 Platform)

$150 Month
6-8 Posts
3 Custom Images
Content Calendar

(1-2 Platforms)

$250 Month
9-15 Image Posts
5 Custom Images
Content Calendar

(1-3 Platforms)

$350 Month
16-25 Posts
8 Custom Images
Content Calendar

(1-4 Platforms)

$450 Month
26-35 Posts
12 Custom Images
Content Calendar

Social Media Packages are based on 1 Platform e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, etc. The different level packages include more post and the addition of other platforms.

For those looking for more, a custom program can always be created.

What is a Post?
A Post is a Social Media content update of either text, photo or both depending on the platform.

What if I want more posts but only 1 Platform?
You will go to the next level up for the posts even if you do not use the additional platform.

What Platforms are available?
We can post to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter. We also create and post to YouTube but it is not part of a package at this time due to the various customization of  video.


Give us some information and a Social Media Specialist will reach out to you.